Design and integration of Ambition4Circularity platform

Design and development of the bilingual Ambition4Circularity website for AFEP, involving 38 CAC40 companies. The platform showcases over 150 commitments to circular economy.

Technically, the website provides an optimized navigation to explore the 150 commitments, offering filters to sort projects by engaged levers or companies. The site is also bilingual.

In terms of design, the goal was to harmonize the interface despite the diverse graphic identities of the 38 companies while preserving the uniqueness of each one.

Design and integration on WordPress

Figma, WordPress, Elementor PRO, WP Rocket, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects

An optimized user journey.

To ensure optimal navigation, the 150 projects can be filtered by the type of lever engaged by ADEME (7), by company, with a special focus on new projects. All projects are available in both French and English.

Ergonomic project interfaces.

The prioritization of information was the primary consideration in designing the screens, opting for an educational approach to simplify access to dense and technical information. The UI design then contributes to creating a smooth and pleasant experience for the user.

A unified design.

With 38 stakeholder companies, each showcasing its own visual identity, the design challenge was to harmonize the interface while preserving the graphic uniqueness of each company.

An ambitious project.

The design of the Ambition4Circularity website is a highly ambitious project, both technically and graphically, bringing together over 150 initiatives from 38 CAC40 companies.

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