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Within EDF’s Digital Factory, I had the opportunity to design several illustrations covering a diverse range of topics. These creations were crafted in strict accordance with EDF’s graphic charter, ensuring overall visual consistency.

The produced illustrations were intended to enhance the user experience of the EDF&Moi application, the website dedicated to individual customers, and the customer account space. This work required special attention to align the visuals with EDF’s visual identity while meeting the specific requirements of each platform.

Illustration creation

Illustrator . Photoshop


The eco-challenge integrated into the EDF & Moi application, aimed at encouraging consumers to reduce their energy consumption. My role was to enhance the interfaces with illustrations to make the challenge more accessible, attractive, and motivating.

To achieve this, I chose a creative approach based on the metaphor of a marathon, highlighting challenges to overcome while underlining the partnership between EDF and the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The goal was to make the user experience more engaging while visually reinforcing the relevance of the challenge within the application.

EDF & Moi's thread

The news feed of the EDF & Moi application provides links to a variety of articles covering different aspects of energy. To complement these articles, the design of illustrated thumbnails was necessary to encourage reading and “open up” the interface.


I created various illustrations intended to accompany error screens: unavailable data, pending invoices, etc.

Infiographics of the Month Oxygène.

Every month, the Oxygène Blog, dedicated to customers in the market offer and aiming to guide them in reducing their energy consumption, presents a key figure to raise awareness among its clientele about ecological issues. In this context, my role is to create an illustration to enhance the impact of this figure.

Where to Find Your Meter?.

In France, not all households are yet equipped with Linky meters for automatic readings. Some still need to manually record their consumption. The illustrations below were created to assist individuals in locating their meters, whether in different areas of their apartment building or house.

Customer Account Authentication.

The login page for EDF’s private space features a banner with visuals that change based on highlighted topics. In this regard, I developed illustrations addressing the fight against violence against women and promoting EDF’s InfoWatt and Check services.

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