EDF · UI Design

Within EDF’s Digital Factory, I worked on the design and redesign of pages for the website dedicated to individual clients, as well as the client space.

Each design was developed in strict accordance with EDF’s graphic charter, while meticulously adhering to the RGAA and RGESN standards. Additionally, special attention was given to the technical constraints specific to various content management systems (CMS) and page integration platforms.

Below, you will find an overview of the projects I successfully completed during my mission.

UI Design, UX Design

Figma, Miro, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects

Interactive map, GREEN electric offer

Revamping of the VERT electric offer page to streamline the user journey, enhance attractiveness, and facilitate understanding of the offer.

Youth Deals Offer.

UI design of pages to highlight the new Pack Jeunes offer.

Moving Checklist.

Revamping of the Moving Checklist page and creation of a pocket-sized PDF checklist.

HUB Housing Solutions.

I contributed to the establishment of the EDF Service HUB, showcasing all the services offered by EDF. My role involved designing hand-drawn illustrations integrated into photographs to help clients visualize their projects, such as construction work, the installation of electric charging stations, and many others.

Cookies Consent RGPD.

Various design proposals for the revamp of the Cookies Consent Pop-up.

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