Thalia Lahsinat's Portfolio.

Design of the showcase website for the artist and Motion Designer Thalia Lahsinat. The project aims to showcase the artist’s work categorized by project type and chronological order, while also providing an easy way for potential clients to get in touch. The client requires an intuitive interface for autonomously updating the website with new projects.

Showcase website


Figma • Photoshop • Illustrator

Illustration du projet de Webdesign Thalia Lahsinat

UX Design.

UX Design du Portfolio de Thalia Lahsinat

The project prioritizes the accessibility and ergonomics of the home page. Categorizing projects by type enables easy filtering. Each project page includes navigation options to explore previous and subsequent projects, encouraging users to explore a variety of projects.

UI Design.

UI design - Webdesign - Portfolio de Thalia Lahsinat

The creative approach is to maintain a clean and uncluttered frame, allowing the artist’s illustrations and videos to take center stage. The color palette is intentionally limited and subdued to prevent distractions, ensuring a harmonious blend with the diverse colors present in the illustrations.

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