Type de projet: Illustration


EDF · Illustrations Within EDF’s Digital Factory, I had the opportunity to design several illustrations covering a diverse range of topics. These creations were crafted in strict accordance with EDF’s graphic charter, ensuring overall visual consistency. The produced illustrations were intended to enhance the user experience of the EDF&Moi application, the website dedicated to individual …

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Vignette Marché de Noël des Artisans

Online Christmas Market.

Online Christmas’ market. In the winter of 2020, the lockdown and Covid crisis resulted in the cancellation of traditional French craft Christmas markets. As these markets constituted the primary source of income for craftsmen, the company Ici Présent (formerly Masterbox) made the decision to launch the largest online Christmas market. The challenge was to recreate …

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Vignette du projet de Brochure Print Horeto

HORETO’s restaurant menu.

Menu HORETO. The catering company HORETO required a leaflet to showcase its catering offerings. Design involved creating pictograms and formatting the menu layout. Print Illustrator • In design Pictograms. · See my other projects ·

Maquettes Webdesign App Casayoga.tv

Yoga app’s on boarding design.

Yoga’s app on boarding design. For the launch of the French online yoga application, Casayoga.tv, I crafted illustrations and designed the welcoming screens for the application’s onboarding process. Webdesign Figma • Illustrator Ilustrations. · See my other projects ·

Vignette Webdesign Nature & Reliance

Forest therapy workshop website design.

Forest therapy website. Web design and integration for forest bathing workshops in Touraine. Technical specifications: The website should facilitate workshop reservations with secure online payment options. The client should have the capability to independently add or remove events. Artistic specifications: The website should provide an immersive experience in nature with a touch of “magic.” Custom …

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Vignette du projet Print - Brochure de théâtre

Theater press-kit design.

Creation of illustrations and layout design for a theater press kit. The client’s request was to develop a visual universe to complement her one-woman show, without overshadowing the textual content. I crafted illustrations as watermarks, seamlessly weaving through her narrative like a common thread. Print Illustrator • Photoshop • In design Illustrations. · See my …

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